Escape The Simulation

As the host of the late night talk radio show, Escape the Simulation, Jess Rogge invites listeners to join her on a journey of thought-provoking conversations and intellectual stimulation. Through her charismatic presence and thoughtfully curated topics, Jess creates an immersive experience for her audience, encouraging them to question the reality around them and explore the depths of their own minds.

Escape the Simulation Radio

Monday - Thursday 9:40pm to 11:40pm PST

Jess Rogge

Jess Rogge is a radio broadcaster, who is passionate about uncovering hidden truths and unusual aspects of reality.

She studied Broadcast Journalism and later worked as a news reporter. Jess has a deep interest in topics like UAPs, Artificial Intelligence, Conspiracies, and Consciousness. She interviews experts as well as presents her own research on her live show.